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matadu matadu ocenił(a) Le prénom

9 gwiazdki

divlio divlio ocenił(a) Le prénom

8 gwiazdki

micsinic micsinic ocenił(a) Le prénom

7 gwiazdki

Ben Ben ocenił(a) Le prénom

4 gwiazdki

Tityron Tityron napisał(a) o Le prénom (8)

I love the theater. Plays can go deeper and faster than non theatrical literature. Like concentrated acid, a good play can erode to the bone all the usual human conventions—intellectual, social, psychological—and reveal symbolic shapes that are strikingly meaningful and formative for the spectator. The acting was very good in this movie—with the exception of the performance of Charles Berling—but what I loved most was the play behind it, that is the script. Of course it is not as subtle or transcendent [...] Przeczytaj całość

8 gwiazdki