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Dzień gniewu (1943)

Tytuł oryginalny: Vredens dag

reż: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Niestety, ten film nie ma jeszcze porządnego opisu.
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Ligea Ligea ocenił(a) Dzień gniewu

8 gwiazdki

bujka bujka ocenił(a) Dzień gniewu

7 gwiazdki

jango jango ocenił(a) Dzień gniewu

5 gwiazdki

wojtekacz wojtekacz ocenił(a) Dzień gniewu

9 gwiazdki

joriskeuvelhouwer joriskeuvelhouwer ocenił(a) Day of Wrath

9 gwiazdki

larsandersonduk larsandersonduk ocenił(a) Day of Wrath

8 gwiazdki

spolonio spolonio ocenił(a) Day of Wrath

9 gwiazdki

arzinger arzinger ocenił(a) Day of Wrath

8 gwiazdki

Cinek / marcinus10 Cinek / marcinus10 ocenił(a) Day of Wrath

8 gwiazdki

Stain Stain napisał(a) o Day of Wrath

This is exactly the kind of movie that, to a 21st-century American, looks like it's going to be as dull as dust... until you sit down to actually see it, and pay attention... and find that it is not. A small movie that has been polished to a high gleam, making you realize that it only sounds boring because many have tried but almost no one can do this kind of story as well as Dreyer can. Excellent acting and lighting effects, and exactly the right ending

9 gwiazdki