A Perfect Getaway (2009)- David Twohy


A young, middle class couple, the quite frankly mind-boggling pairing of the lovely Milan Jolevich and........Steve Zahn.....Ok, have just got married and go to the Hawaiian island of Kaui for their honeymoon. They decide to go on an 11 mile trek to an isolated beach :uhoh: and along the way meet another couple taking the same route. However they soon hear about a murder, involving a man and a woman killing some newlyweds and start to suspect the couple they've met are not who they seem......

Surprisingly decent little film. It's not overly original and you'll most likely see the twists and turns well ahead of when they actually appear but it is saved by some interesting character dynamics and by Timothy Olyphant doing his best slightly crazy impression, which is kind of endearing. The script is pretty knowing and strays the right side of being self referential and funny and keeping the tension up to make the run time pass by. Some nice cartoonish style violence and a some really quite beautiful scenery compliment the action. It takes some time showing us relationships building between the two couples and it does lead to some genuine humour watching the yuppie couple deal with the more outdoor's minded set.

There are problems with the film. It doesn't really make sense with the Twohy trying to keep the uncertainty going it creates moments where he has to bend over backwards script wise to make everything fit. It also runs out of steam in the final third turning into a pretty standard cat-and-mouse chase scene you've seen a million times before but it doesn't ruin the film.

It's a fun enough film which won't last long in the memory but sometimes you just want to eat a BigMac meal rather than haute cuisine, dammit.