True Romance (1993) - Tony Scott


Clarence (Christian Slater), a comic store clerk and film buff, meets up with a hooker Alabama (Patricia Arquette) on a set-up 'date' by Clarence's boss. They naturally fall in love and get married.......but well who could blame him? He kills her pimp, steals (unknowingly) a hell of a lot of cocaine and is on the run from the Mafia, in Hollywood while trying to sell the cocaine as quickly as possible and not get him or his newly-wed wife killed..

What immediately strikes you on watching the film is the dialogue, it feels quintessentially Tarantino. From Clarence's conversation about Sonny Chiba and comics from the onset, to the infamous Eggplant scene it's got that sharp, skilful, everyday meandering conversational aspect to it that's just great to listen to. The script is funny, full of memorable dialogue and characters and I really had fun time watching the chaos unfold on screen.

Slater is pretty good as the audience stand-in nut he's a likeable presence but it's Arquette who steals your heart and is just fantastic; both sexy and alluring as the, not quite as naive as she appears, Alabama. There's a whole host of just unforgettable characters and cameos from the likes of Oldman as almost unrecognisable as the rastafarian pimp Drexyl, Walken as the Sicilian mob boss, Dennis Hopper, Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer (whom I had no idea was in the film until it clicked as the credits started rolling) and even Samuel L Jackson makes an appearance.

The direction is pretty steady, apart from a few moments where Scott decides to go rapid-cutting on our arses. It did make me wonder how Tarantino would have directed (no doubt a lot more foot shots and meandering side bars) and I kind of wish slightly that Tarantino had been behind the camera, even with all his excess......or maybe not since it was Reservoir Dogs-era Tarantino. It was a great late night watch that even if it isn't quite greater than the sum of it's parts and they are gloriously outrageous parts still holds up to a modern audience; fun, funny and one that I wished I'd seen sooner.