BFI London Film Festival 2011: WE HAVE A POPE

Ocena recenzenta: 5/10

For such a talented writer/director/performer We Have a Pope is a real disappointment for Nanni Moretti. And this fact is highlighted even more by the success of the film on a scene by scene basis. Moretti imposing volleyball on the cardinals had me chuckling and, mostly through the performance of Michel Piccoli, the scenes of the new pope venturing out and questioning his appointment and place as a man are interesting.

But having successful individual scenes cannot make a movie and nothing really came together throughout the length of the film. It honestly felt like two competing stories placed together with neither backing down nor either coming out on top of the other.

The film should be commended for its impartial treatment of Catholicism and the process of Papal succession. However, it should be criticised for being a missed opportunity as opposed to being considered an average film with some positive points.