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T.Falkiewicz T.Falkiewicz ocenił(a) Człowiek z Londynu

7 gwiazdki

agryppa agryppa ocenił(a) Człowiek z Londynu

8 gwiazdki

emerenc emerenc ocenił(a) Człowiek z Londynu

6 gwiazdki

FitFortDanga FitFortDanga napisał(a) o The Man from London

Okay, it doesn't have the epic grandiosity of Satantango or the tantalizing strangeness of Werckmeister, but it's at least as good as Damnation, if not better. The locations seem to be straight out of Dostoyevsky, the score is as haunting as always, and the black & white cinematography is as incredibly stunning. Tarr is an expert at creating this atmosphere of sorrow and dread and uneasiness, a world where everything feels slightly off-kilter, even in the most mundane moments.

9 gwiazdki