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American Movie (1999)

Reżyseria: Chris Smith

Niestety, ten film nie ma jeszcze porządnego opisu.
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jakilcz jakilcz ocenił(a) American Movie

8 gwiazdki

karaluh karaluh ocenił(a) American Movie

5 gwiazdki

jango jango ocenił(a) American Movie

6 gwiazdki

psubrat psubrat ocenił(a) American Movie

3 gwiazdki

Kublai Khan Kublai Khan ocenił(a) American Movie

7 gwiazdki

stoker stoker ocenił(a) American Movie

6 gwiazdki

CDingess CDingess ocenił(a) American Movie

9 gwiazdki

Bandy Greensacks Bandy Greensacks ocenił(a) American Movie

7 gwiazdki

dobi dobi ocenił(a) American Movie

5 gwiazdki

Negrin Negrin ocenił(a) American Movie

6 gwiazdki

Tityron Tityron napisał o American Movie

If I had the power to make a wish this morning and have it come true, I would want Cervantes to come back to this world for about two hours, watch this movie and tell me how it feels to see Don Quixote in flesh and bones.—This movie is just unbelievable. Thinking these are real people living real lives. This is America we love and fear. Love because there is passion, work, dream, audacity; there is visceral uncompromising authenticity. Fear because it is all so stationarily out of control, so over-passionate, [...] Przeczytaj całość

10 gwiazdki

magb magb napisał(a) o American Movie

This is one movie I may have to give another whirl in order to fully make up my mind about it. It has moments of optimism, but in the end it felt -- to me -- rather bleak. Mark Borchardt is such a peculiar person.

9 gwiazdki

FitFortDanga FitFortDanga napisał(a) o American Movie

Populated by a host of memorable characters, but at the center is Mark Borchardt -- the classic lovable loser (though not so lovable when he's had a few), a dynamo of homespun charm and undying drive, he walks a wobbly line between brutal cynicism and carefree optimism. The film follows his triumphs and frustrations like a rollercoaster, always offering new info to you, never once dwelling too long on anything. A compelling and completely re-watchable documentary.

10 gwiazdki