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Tatanka Tatanka ocenił(a) Black Pond

7 gwiazdki

Grigorij Grigorij dodał(a) zwiastun filmu Black Pond

Trailer: Black Pond

Grigorij Grigorij dodał(a) plakat filmowy Black Pond

Blondoner Blondoner napisała o Black Pond

Two young filmmakers managed to convince well known actors to take part in their indie micro budget production. The plot is interestingly led through flashbacks and the whole film leads to the final resolution which is shown through various scenes and talking heads. A good script but had an impression that too little has been cut. There are funny moments and very good dialogues but in all the film drags a little. Bravo for the courage and completion!

chintzer chintzer ocenił(a) Black Pond

7 gwiazdki

JanetRSmith JanetRSmith napisał(a) o Black Pond

The film makers seemed like nice people and I wish them well. But the only thing that stood out for me was Chris Langham's outstanding performance as a man who couldn't see his marriage was crumbling around him and seemed afterwards to be quitely accepting of it. I couldn't see the point of the fake psychiatrist strand running through it as it didn't add to the story. In fact the character of the sister's friend seemed like it was either an after thought to pad out the script or two different scripts [...] Przeczytaj całość

4 gwiazdki

JanetRSmith JanetRSmith ocenił(a) Black Pond

4 gwiazdki

moomoobull moomoobull planuje obejrzeć Black Pond

gianfilms gianfilms planuje obejrzeć Black Pond

Apollo - West End,

gianfilms gianfilms ogląda film Black Pond

Apollo - West End,

mrk mrk ocenił(a) Black Pond

6 gwiazdki

cherryflavourpez cherryflavourpez ocenił(a) Black Pond

5 gwiazdki

cherryflavourpez cherryflavourpez opublikował(a) recenzję filmu Black Pond It seems to get harder and harder to support Independent film in Britain. For the enthusiasm and endeavour Przeczytaj artykuł

Grigorij Grigorij dodał(a) plakat filmowy Black Pond