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Zabić prezydenta (2006)

Tytuł oryginalny: Death of a President

Reżyseria: Gabriel Range

Thriller polityczny opowiadający historię fikcyjnego zamachu na Georga W. Busha w październiku 2007 roku.


zubel zubel ocenił(a) D.O.A.P.

3 gwiazdki

scotthume79 scotthume79 ocenił(a) D.O.A.P.

7 gwiazdki

tomaszbobrowski tomaszbobrowski ocenił(a) Zabić prezydenta

6 gwiazdki

whatismyname whatismyname napisał(a) o D.O.A.P.

The title gives you the basic outlining of the story, President Bush is assassinated in this mockmentary. The story is decently told, the steps the Government would take seem credible with recent events, and for that, it is an alarming look in how our societal ideals can and are shaped. The story never affects one on a personal level, and that is its biggest weakness. Without that emotional attachment, it becomes mostly a flick to enjoy one evening and not a truly thought provoking piece.

5 gwiazdki