Eden (2001)

Reżyseria: Amos Gitai

An elderly woman, Fern (Jeanette Miller), wakes up her girlfriend Irma (Jennie Ventriss). As they get ready to go to a bridge game, a young girl (Eden Sher) skateboards down a desert road. Irma makes a lime Jell-O dessert, which Fern is rude about. As Irma drives down the road on their way to the game, Fern berates her for driving too fast. They start arguing and their truck hits the young girl on the skateboard. Fern gets out of the truck, announces that the girl is dead, and starts shouting at Irma, insisting that she get out and have a look. Irma locks the truck doors. Fern continues shouting and starts smashing the truck headlights, while Irma refuses to speak or open the doors. Fern threatens to end their 45-year relationship, and when she receives no answer, she takes her ring from her ring finger, throws it at the truck, and walks off down the road. After some time, Irma opens the truck windows and smiles to herself.


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