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Antrakt (1924)

Tytuł oryginalny: Entr'acte

Reżyseria: René Clair

Jedno z arcydzieł niemej awangardy.


patryck patryck ocenił(a) Antrakt

3 gwiazdki

Krzysztof Osica Krzysztof Osica ocenił(a) Antrakt

8 gwiazdki

Venefica Venefica ocenił(a) Antrakt

10 gwiazdki

hubke hubke ocenił(a) Antrakt

8 gwiazdki

dcd dcd ocenił(a) Entr'acte

10 gwiazdki

doktor pueblo doktor pueblo dodał(a) plakat filmowy Antrakt

doktor pueblo doktor pueblo dodał(a) zwiastun filmu Antrakt

Trailer: Antrakt

doktor pueblo doktor pueblo ocenił(a) Entr'acte

8 gwiazdki

spolonio spolonio ocenił(a) Entr'acte

7 gwiazdki

arzinger arzinger ocenił(a) Entr'acte

6 gwiazdki

SparkleP SparkleP ocenił(a) Entr'acte

8 gwiazdki

chininadlanel chininadlanel ocenił(a) Entr'acte

8 gwiazdki

AdamBaranski AdamBaranski ocenił(a) Entr'acte

8 gwiazdki

magb magb napisał(a) o Entr'acte

It was nice to watch some fun Surrealism again after those ponderous Maya Deren films. This film is pure nonsense, yet it's full of great imagery and paced like a regular movie, which makes it very engrossing. Great music, too, and it gets wonderfully seizure-enducing at the end.

9 gwiazdki

Spunkie Spunkie napisał(a) o Entr'acte

With one of first minimalist musicians Eric Satie, this short has tremendous visual exploration. Meaningless, but aesthatically justified events happen one after another. Slo-mo human motion, sunlight-burnt visual explorations that resembles videoart, a film band twisted with every prehistorical technique of cinema. Hilarious and fun.

9 gwiazdki