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Spragnieni miłości (2000)

Tytuł oryginalny: Fa yeung nin wa

Reżyseria: Kar Wai Wong

Historia platonicznej miłości dwojga sąsiadów, nieszczęśliwych w swoim małżeństwie, ale nie potrafiących się z niego wydostać.


umbrin umbrin napisał(a) o Spragnieni miłości (8)

Romansidło jak ta lala.

8 gwiazdki

Ewanslasher Ewanslasher napisał(a) o In the Mood for Love (6)

Tedious, I like a slow film, but as long as it has an interesting character you can care about, and a thought provoking story. This film has a collection of beautiful images, one after another for three hours. Yawn!

6 gwiazdki

thaklos thaklos napisał(a) o In the Mood for Love

Wong's exquisite eye imbues this film with a beautiful warmth that is gracefully accentuated by the somber strings of its score. He captures the critical moments of Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow's relationship without excess, and we see the painful distance that evolves between them in disjoint scenes that form a melancholic beat. The contrast between this unattainable intimacy and the abstract distance of their respective spouses is tragically profound.

10 gwiazdki

magb magb napisał(a) o In the Mood for Love

"Mood" is right. Few directors can evoke a mood so thoroughly yet so gracefully as Wong. I love how he subtly uses visual and musical motifs as a way of establishing his own, private universe. Big-ups also to Christopher Doyle for his breathtaking cinematography; some of the shots here rank among the coolest, most ingenious, most beautiful I've ever seen. Needless to say, Tony Leung and especially Maggie Cheung are perfect as the would-be lovers. This is pretty much flawless.

10 gwiazdki

FitFortDanga FitFortDanga napisał(a) o In the Mood for Love

I can praise the exquisite visual style, achieved in splendid color by two great cinematographers. And I can mention Wong's trademark repeated use of musical cues. I could point out how beautifully the film works with confined space, and the multiple reflections as a metaphor for how Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan are mirroring their spouses. But what I can't articulate is why I don't love the movie more. It's got so many qualities that I appreciate, but it... just doesn't grab me enough.

8 gwiazdki

Stain Stain napisał(a) o In the Mood for Love

Not in the mood for Wong Kar-wai

1 gwiazdki

KAH KAH napisał(a) o In the Mood for Love

Great cinematography and use of music, and some nice, understated acting. The power of this film lies in the calm and attentive approach to the little moments of genuine affection. Beautiful, if not as emotionally affecting as Happy Together. I can see this growing on me though.

9 gwiazdki

Esme Esme napisał(a) o Spragnieni miłości

Wyśmienity, subtelny film z wyrazistym motywem muzycznym, który rozpoznaje się po wielu latach od projekcji. Gorąco polecam.

8 gwiazdki