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Good Hair (2009)

Reżyseria: Jeff Stilson

Niestety, ten film nie ma jeszcze porządnego opisu.
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KhaaL KhaaL napisał(a) o Good Hair (5)

I love chris rock. I love the message he is trying to get out. But it is too obvious, or rather, the documentary tries too hard to move me emotionally. It was also clear which characters were favorites and was portrayed to appear good. I'd like to have seen the movemaker think along other lines than "we are black, we should buy only products from blacks" and try to problemitize the gender roles instead of cementing them further. Thing is, I didn't have high expectations when watching the movie. [...] Przeczytaj całość

5 gwiazdki

KhaaL KhaaL ocenił(a) Good Hair

5 gwiazdki

Paldoc Paldoc ocenił(a) Good Hair

8 gwiazdki

neutral neutral ocenił(a) Good Hair

6 gwiazdki

StevenCabrera StevenCabrera ocenił(a) Good Hair

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