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Dwaj jeźdźcy (1961)

Tytuł oryginalny: Two Rode Together

Reżyseria: John Ford

Niestety, ten film nie ma jeszcze porządnego opisu.
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pauleulman pauleulman ocenił(a) Two Rode Together

1 gwiazdki

wojtekacz wojtekacz ocenił(a) Dwaj jeźdźcy

6 gwiazdki

AmandaAllen AmandaAllen ocenił(a) Two Rode Together

1 gwiazdki

Stain Stain napisał(a) o Two Rode Together

Much more realistic western than in earlier decades. The town marshal, who gets involved in recovering captured white folks from the Comanches, is so far from Dudley Do-Right that you can easily see him getting hissed off the screen if he was played by anyone other than James Stewart. Also you could have a much more politically incorrect portrayal of Native Americans back then than today, which is a feature rather than a bug IMHO. Ford directs with his usual superb craftsmanship

8 gwiazdki