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Anu Sza Anu Sza ocenił(a) Villmark

8 gwiazdki

Monika Mazurkówna Monika Mazurkówna ocenił(a) Villmark

6 gwiazdki

verdiana verdiana ocenił(a) Villmark

4 gwiazdki

Czejen Czejen dodał(a) plakat filmowy Villmark

magb magb napisał(a) o Dark Woods

A quite scary and suspenseful horror movie with a terrible twist ending that doesn't make any sense. If I could just erase the last two minutes from my mind, the score would go up a few points. It wouldn't go very far up, though, because the twist wasn't really all that pivotal, and anyway the movie doesn't rise above averageness for enough of its running time to get a very high score.

7 gwiazdki