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Without a Net (2012)

A bitter sweet story of young people given the chance to learn new skills in the circus and their struggles to follow their dreams of a better life. Kelly Richardson has made a well observed documentary by being brave as well as persistent.

Pystyssä (2011)

After a slow start this film was a real roller coaster of a thriller with two exceptionally powerful female lead characters. As a first time director Mara Jelinko has done a great job and is one to look out for in the future.

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song (2012)

A Fabulous musical that showed of the talents of all those involved on a shoestring budget. Bravo! Hope to hear more from them all in the future!

Centro De Gravidade (2011)

This felt more like a two act play as it took place mostly in an apartment and could have been shorter. I started to lose interest in this relationship that wasn't going anywhere.

Bolero (2012)

I'm quite surprised at the description for this film as it is not what I remember. Though it was quite confusing and very violent. Maybe it would make more sense on a second viewing.

Ballroom Dancer (2011)

I'm not a fan of this "sport" but was overwhelmed by this almost Shakespearean story of the destruction that can come from ambition.

About the pink sky (2011)

Interesting story that seemed to get lost along the way. Very good performances by the cast

Crna Zorica (2012)

This is the kind of film I come to Raindance to see, Great story, Balkan humour, great performances and Grannies with luxuriant moustaches!

Strings (2012)

WTF? I found myself thinking all the way through this film. Sure it was made by an 18 year old with 3k but I can't help thinking he would have been better of spending it on getting some film training. For me it was like watching Video Wallpaper or a feature length music video without much music. I could find no story and got tired of trying to read the minds of the characters. I don't want to be mean and maybe there is a market for this but I can't imagine where.

Zero Killed (2012)

Weird disturbing doc about peoples murder fantasies.

Orchids: My Intersex Adventure (2010)

This is a great documentary that is both educational and moving. Most of us are ignorant of the variations human reproduction can achieve, even those who are born with these conditions. Born outwardly looking like a girl but chromosomally a boy Phoebe had to undergo an operation to have her (undescended) testes removed at the age of 11 but her condition was never discussed at home. This is a road trip of discovery to meet others with similar conditions, to discuss with her whole family the impact it has had on them and an opportunity to look at the meaning of gender.

Just Between Us (2010)

In Kurosawa's "Ikiru" A man changes his ways for the better after discovering he is dying. But in this film the main character decides to revert to his philandering ways minutes after getting the all clear from his doctor. A big mix of family secrets and lies but with a hell of a lot of charm. Everyone has secrets and He finds that he is the victim of some himself. Loved it!

Forget Paris (2011)

The first feature from this young director has a maturity that belies his age. Its a novelty to see an aknowledgement that young men have feelings too and its not always the girl that gets her heart broken. But this film is not all misery as there is a nice touch of self effacing humour reminisent of mid period Woody Allen. Definitely one to watch.

Kaidan Horror Classics (2010)

I have to say I was dissappointed but the two films I saw in this first programme. They were not Horror by any stretch of the imagination but were more like very tame Twilight Zone episodes. The screening started at about 8.50 and went on until 10.30 which was odd as it had been advertised as 78mins. If you like weird go see, if you want horror avoid part 2!