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Armored (2009)

Worse character in the lead. One of the worse scripts ever written. Bad directing, bad acting. Unnecessarily supposed-to-be-good actors present. Another boring Hollywood thing.

Old Dogs (2009)

The movie was disgusting. I don't mean it's a really really bad movie. Well, it is but it was literally disgusting: As in, "there were some scenes that intended to be funny but it turned out to be disgusting". The little red haired gay man and his gorilla friend, the longest shower scene in my life with Robin Williams' boobies (and a penis shaped showerhead at the bottom), the painful stretching out exercise at the camp, that wierd, boozy tea party and so on... Hell, isn't this a kids' movie?

[Rec] 2 (2009)

Rec 2 is not as good as Rec. But, it has a good part where the kids are in focus. So the second half was better. But not enough character development. It's too basic. And this second movie feels like it was an obligation because the first one was successful.

Saw III (2006)

Trying to go back the original movie, this one makes it worse. Violence porn at it's best though.

Agent Zohan (2008)

Only funny scene in this absurd movie was: Adam Sandler having sex with old women, and walls are having a little earthquake. Things falling down. Women screams. All happening in a barber shop while customers are still inside...

Shooter (2007)

Too much Bourne in this film, not original, a fun but empty movie.

Legion (2010)

Even though concept is very zombie-like, the God gets angry and makes his angels do some demonic shit to people idea is good. But ripping off from zombie movies lefts this one unable to success. And, even though action part is mostly like a "defend the castle" type video game, horror part is mainly satisfying. I thought monsters were greatly designed. Except the boy with knife, which we could all thought of. The old lady and the ice-cream guy were classics though.

Bruce Almighty (2003)

The movie is very disappointing. Because it has such potential. I wish it wasn't this much wishy-washy Hollywood comedy. I just wish that they used some kind of imagination in their jokes. And I'm sorry but Jim Carrey's funny faces aren't enough.

2012 (2009)

Mostly entertaining but bad screenplay and bad acting makes it a really really bad movie. BUT, the only thing good about this is crazy radio guy Woody Harrelson's epic acting.

Survival of the Dead (2009)

Plotwise it's a cliche. But, a George Romero cliche. I mean, he invented much of these stuff. He's probably gone use them until he's dead... Maybe even after he's dead. The movie has a nice anti-war/terror ending message. Considering the lousy plot, it was a nice idea at the end (looked like a cheap Windows XP background, but still...). Lastly, zombie killings are creative and humorous as usual.

Chloe (2009)

I think the director knows his film is inadequate and he tries to market it with a sensational lesbian sex scene, involves an archaic Hollywood star. Well, as director concerned, this should be enough to make his regular customers lined up. Of course, most of the critics (not Roger Ebert, as you expected) did not liked this dull "thriller", so I don't think Atom Egoyan was able to reach his desire: feeding his ego.

9 (2009)

A well designed but poorly developed movie. Visuals look a little old, even though it makes me interested in the world that the film takes place. Voice acting is good, liked the characters and they kinda remind me of my childhood. It was nostalgically entertaining. Action is satisfying BUT, plot, scenario really really bad. I mean the ending was just pointless, disappointing. It's a shame for such an interesting idea.

Peacock (2009)

Cillian Murphy's performance makes this movie watchable. But, anything else is just sloppy. None of the important characters flesh out (Even John or/and Emma), the events are simply not believable (John and Emma are same person, but no one notices?), actors (except C. Murphy) are won't fit their roles... Some of the important things should have explained are left unexplained: What really happened with John and his mother? What's up with the "photo fetish"? What triggers personality changes?..

Defendor (2009)

Harrelson and Koteas (dirty cop) makes this one watchable till the end. Forrest Gump meets Batman is a neat idea but, the execution of this idea is terrible. Jokes are not funny enough, the main girl is not likeable (though it seems like it should be, I couldn't see any intention of making her an unlikable character but it just happened obviously), it's too long, has too much unnecessary scenes... Trailer is, once more, better than the movie, sadly.

Derailed (2005)

It's not a good movie unfortunately, but a good time-passer with it's twists and decent suspense.

Adam (2009)

A very intense movie about love. Clearly some good things has intended while in the writing process. But those good thoughts might not worked out as planned in the shooting process. There's some holes in the plot, and poor character development feels a little slipshod.

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

The new effects and some action scenes are great but both scenario and acting is all the way down to mud. The movie is about arrogance mainly, while others in the series were had a lot of messages to give. And even it has one subject to say something about, it fails with that too... Well, maybe not because the movie itself tells us arrogance makes you do stupid and unnecesary things like George Lucas done with this one.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

It's an entertaining Hollywood picture with a really stupid evil main character (Lord Blackwood, "the vampire", wait... what?). While Law and Downey Jr.'s acting is great, the guy who plays vampire and the woman who plays Sherlock's girl are almost disgusting. Ah, and Sherlock's super powers (fast thinking) is not human at all. I think the way it presented makes it look like he's a robot. Or a terminator... Holy... They're the same! Case solved.

The DaVinci Code (2006)

It's a well, fun movie which does not have a lot of depth in plot.

Cars (2006)

A good animation movie perhaps, but not as good as other Pixar creations. This one seems a little off. Has a good ending though.