A pretty slow adaptation

Artykuł zawiera spoilery!

Based upon the one of the most popular novels of all time, written by James Fenimore Cooper, this story follows the battle between the colonists, the French, who have teamed with the Indians through the eyes of a white man raised by Indians (Randolf Scott) who now consider him one of their own.

This movie is certainly not an epic classic. However, it's a fairly good time-waster.

First of all, due to 1936 technology, it is sometimes hard to hear the actors when they are not near the microphone, or when they are facing away from the position of the microphone. Another problem was that it was painfully obvious that the majority of the outdoor scenes were obviously done on a soundstage.

I was also not impressed with the majority of the cast. First of all, I felt little, if any, chemistry between all the major players. I also found many supporting cast members, as well as a few of the main cast, were just receiting their lines to each other. I just couldn't find most of the cast believable in their roles.

There is very mild violence, with absolutely no blood. You get people shot on-screen, or struck with a tomahawk, but there was no amount of blood at all. However, this is because of the censors at the time. There is also no strong language. Parents should be aware that there is absolutely nothing in this film that is inapropriate for children. The closest thing they come to anything pretty violent is one fist fight, where they speed the film up for a second.

The wardrobe is one of the few things that I liked in this movie. The costumes appeared to be authentic, from the period miltary uniforms to even the Indian clothing.

As for the soundtrack, there really isn't one. You get music during the opening and closing credits, music during a party scene and an American classic sung by extras. However, I have seen other movies from this era, and they are similar with music.

Even editing is poor in this film. Close-ups are poorly placed in scenes, and they are obvious.

I really couldn't get into this movie, and I doubt you could too. Check it out on television only if there is absolutely nothing else on.