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Best movies of the decade (2000-2010)

Here is a list of my favorite films of the last decade. First published on Quora as a response in this thread: What are the 20 best movies from the last 10 years? It's very subjective so don't argue I'm wrong as I'm right. Those are simply the flicks I liked most.

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days [2007] | 4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile I felt physical pain watching this film. Naturalistic, intense and tragic. A must watch for both supporters and fighters of abortion.

The Violin [2005] | El Violin A surprise from Mexico. Probably the best war flick in the last decade. Tells a sad story with humor and manages to keep the viewer fully focused and totally caring for the main character. Unforgettable black and white photos and great acting make you believe in everything they show on the screen.

Essential Killing [2010] | Essential Killing I was shocked and demolished. The more we get into the woods, the more the tension grows. Quite an achievement for a film in which the protagonist doesn't say a word! Ingenious visually and technically (sound effects!!!), multi-layered, triggering discussions... I could go on an on like that. This is how modern cinema shuold look like!

The Pianist [2002] | The Pianist This is how World War II films should be like. A simple but engaging story, great cinematography and leaves something to think about. Probably the best WWII flim ever.

Fantastic Mr. Fox [2009] | Fantastic Mr. Fox Great fun, more for the adults than for the kids I guess, due to many language jokes that can leave the young ones pretty puzzled. Uncompromising, surprising, charming, surreal simply fantastic... If it only had a bit slower pace to allow us to celebrate the life of Mr Fox and his colleagues, I would even call it a masterpiece. Oh, and the music was fantastic as well, reminded my of track choices by Mr. Tarantino. Unmissable.

Hadewijch [2009] | Hadewijch This is one of those movies which kept me under its charm from the first scene to the last shot. The story is interesting, the pace is slow but just right and it provokes so many thoughts that it's hard to focus on a single one. One of my favorite pictures of the year 2010.

Inglourious Basterds [2009] | Inglourious Basterds Many believed that even a quasi-serious war movie is too much for him. After being disappointed by his latest features I was very sceptical before watching the Basteds. I did not expect a masterpiece. But it got close to one! Christopher Waltz owns this film and even though the script is poor at times, great cinematography and acting of Waltz, Laurent and rest of the crew makes for it. Funny and entertaining. Best Tarantino in years!

The Temptation of St. Tony [2009] | Püha Tõnu kiusamine I love this kind of cinema! Sophisticated visual side (music so brilliantly fits, cinematography is absolutely absorbing) and non-obvious content that makes you think the whole thing over and over again. Plus lots of absurd, surreal humor which made me recall "Songs from the second floor" but also Polish "Zmruż oczy" (the dance) and early Bergman (discussion about god in a monastery). Best film of the Era New Horizons competition 2010,

Songs from the Second Floor [2000] | Sånger från andra våningen The mankind is falling. Most decadent movie I've ever seen. Seems inspired by Bergman, Bunuel and Jodorovsky at the same time. Another must-see.

Frank Miller's Sin City [2005] | Sin City Best comic book adaptation ever. This film is actually A COMIC BOOK on a silver screen. How was that possible? No idea. But this is unique and won't happen again.It'd give 10/10 if not a slightly less impressing part called "The Big Fat Kill".

Tricks [2007] | Sztuczki Best Polish movie in last 10 years. If you want to see what Poland looks like, see this one, and then add all the evil people carefully omitted by the director. Sad but optimistic.

The Limits of Control [2009] | The Limits of Control "Limits of control" is cinema in its pure, non-compromising form. Fantastic music and great artistic cinematography together with the plot focusing on a lone journey of a man reminded me of "Dead Man" by the same director. And even though the movies are very different, they both manage to create the mystical atmosphere that takes you to a different, simpler world. One of Jarmusch's best.

The Wrestler [2008] | The Wrestler Thanks to the great Rourke and fantastic climax building using music, sound, cinematography and "this something" added by Aronofsky, "The Wrestler" is a powerful and engaging movie that I watched with my jaws dropped up until the final "Ram Jam".

It turned out more than 10 but oh well :)

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